Finding Effective Solutions

No matter how much a business or individual tries to plan, serious legal disputes can arise. When the unexpected happens, it is imperative to contact a lawyer who understands how to properly address the legal matter.

From our office in Boerne, the attorneys at Brock Upham Yost PLLC help individuals and businesses throughout South Texas, West Texas, and the Hill Country deal with their litigation matters. We are committed to providing exceptional service and rely on over 30 years of experience and knowledge to help build strong cases for our clients.

We apply diligence, sophistication and results-driven strategies to every civil litigation case we take. Our thorough, thoughtful approach helps us to better position our clients toward obtaining a favorable outcome. We understand how to create strong arguments and strive to provide excellent, discerning and aggressive representation.

Effectively Resolving Probate Disputes

Legal matters surrounding probate are complex and emotionally charged, thereby frequently resulting in litigation. We represent executors, trustees and beneficiaries facing litigation involving estates of all sizes.

Helping Businesses Find Efficient Solutions to Complex Disputes

Legal challenges can be a cost of doing business in Texas. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in complex and high-stakes business litigation matters involving breaches of contract, shareholder disputes and many other types of conflict that result in commercial litigation.

Representing the Interests of Property Owners in Oil and Gas Litigation

The oil and gas industry is a critical component of the Texas economy. When property owners are involved in litigation originating from lease breaches, unpaid royalties or condemnation matters, our seasoned trial attorneys come prepared to strongly advocate for their clients' interests.

Finding Answers to Real Estate Litigation

We understand the importance of obtaining a positive resolution to a real estate dispute. Our lawyers have a depth of experience representing buyers and sellers in farm and ranch, commercial, and residential real estate litigation.

Dedicated Counsel for Serious Personal Injury Victims

If someone has been seriously injured in an accident due to someone else's negligence, they may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries. Our lawyers will take the time to listen to the client's side of the story. We do not treat our clients like numbers, and we craft individualized, creative legal strategies.

Our Experienced Trial Attorneys Are Here to Help

We invite you to contact our office to schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our attorneys. Please call 830-275-5607 or send our office an email.