Helping Property Owners Deal with Condemnation

Texas property owners have many rights in Texas. However, there are unique situations when pipeline companies, utilities, or government entities have the right to take a property owner's land through eminent domain that can permanently destroy ownership rights.

At Brock Upham Yost PLLC, we have worked with property owners throughout South Texas, West Texas, and the Hill Country who faced these condemnation law issues. Our team of lawyers in our Boerne office are prepared to assist property owners throughout each stage of the condemnation process.

What Is Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain involves the taking of private property from private owners for public uses such as highways, utilities, pipelines or other public works. Landowners often do not understand that they have a right to due process and fair compensation. We work with property owners to defend their rights and get the fair compensation they are entitled to receive.

Fighting an Eminent Domain Claim

Our attorneys work closely with our clients to fully understand the situation and assess their options. We provide honest and straightforward advice on all legal options and help property owners craft a strong strategy tailored to win at the administrative level, at a special commissioners hearing, or in court.

Seeking Maximum Compensation for Your Land

When a condemning authority decides it needs your land for public use, it will offer to pay the landowner a certain amount. However, this amount is often less than the fair market value of the property and may not be enough to adequately compensate the landowner.

We work with clients to navigate the legal system and get the compensation property owners are entitled to receive. Every property owner has rights and deserves to have those rights protected. We have extensive litigation experience and will work to secure you the best deal possible.

Is Your Property Facing Condemnation or Eminent Domain? We Can Help.

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