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Sibling rivalry and estate litigation

Estate disputes happen for a lot of reasons, and they often pit siblings against one another. This can be a very difficult time, no matter which side of the dispute you are on.

One reason that these disputes take place is because of sibling rivalry. Remember, it does not end in childhood. It is very much alive and well in adult relationships. Siblings often just mask it by limiting contact with each other or by keeping it in check around their parents.

When their parents pass away and they are forced to communicate to distribute the estate, though, that's a recipe for renewed rivalry and long-term disputes over who gets what assets.

For instance, perhaps a middle child has always felt overlooked and ignored. This caused a rivalry when they were young, as they attempted to vie for the attention of their parents.

If the estate plan is unequal in any way and the middle child believes they got less than their siblings, it brings these feelings up again. They may even take it as confirmation of something that they have believed for a long time. That can cause stress and anger, and it may make it more likely that the sibling will take the case to court to attempt to fight for what they think they deserve, rather than what they got.

Sibling rivalry is only one part of the equation. It could also include things like undue influence, multiple wills or last-minute alterations to the estate plan. During litigation, all involved must know what legal options they have available to them.

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